3D Rendering Courses.

Online courses of 3D visualisation in 3Ds MAX and Corona Render

Basics Of Interior Visualisation.

$2000 / 3 month

Learn a new profession of a 3D visualizer, or improve your skills now!

Lesson 1: Intro To Visualisation Of Interiors.

  • We talk about the profession of a 3D visualiser.
  • We develop a visual experience using resources from our speakers.
  • Our students create a mood board on social networks to attract customers.

Lesson 2: 3ds Max Basics.

  • Setting up and working in the 3ds Max program interface (an overview of the primary modifiers, controls, and hotkeys).
  • In this section, students create their first simple objects from primitives, compose them, and work with bindings.

Lesson 3: Interior Design Styles. Scene And Geometry Creation.

  • We discuss features and differences of styles in the interior.
  • Creation of three-dimensional models of walls, ceilings, windows, and doors. Imitation of floor and wall coverings.
  • Import 3D models from SketchUp.

Lesson 4: Integration Of 3D Models From Other Sources.

  • You will learn familiarity with modelling types: polygonal, spline or NURBS.
  • Cleaning and optimising the scene, integrating new geometry into the scene.

Lesson 5: Modelling And Integration Of Chair Geometry.

  • Creating chair details and working with the textures.
  • Model review preparing.

Lesson 6: Modelling, Elaboration And Optimisation Of The Sofa’s Geometry.

  • Сreating a sofa model according to the drawing.
  • We will show you how to work with seams, folds and textures of upholstered furniture.

Lesson 7: Interior Decoration.

  • We teach how to create simple decor models and work with the library.
  • Exploring the Lathe and Loft Modifier.

Lesson 8: Working With Corona Render.

  • Creating and configuring materials in Corona Renderer.
  • Interactive rendering: post-processing tools and render settings.
  • In this block, we also tell you how to render in grey mat.

Lesson 9: Basic Principles Of Lighting.

  • Theory of lighting in space.
  • Students will learn basic settings and lighting scenarios in visualisations.

Lesson 10: Working With Textures And Shading.

  • Theory of working with simple materials.
  • Mapping and texturing objects.

Final Project.

white and brown concrete building under blue sky during daytime

3D Visualisation Of Exterior.

$1700 / 2 month

Learn how to make photorealistic exterior renders and helpful tips from our leading visualizers.

Lesson 1: Intro To Exterior Visualisation.

  • Introductory lesson. We discuss how to work with the terms of reference and select references. Customizing 3ds Max.
  • Overview of all plugins and scripts that will be used in the work.


Lesson 2: Modelling Of Architectural Forms.

  • Students will learn how to optimize heavy models from specifications and model structures from blueprints.
  • Use of ready-made 3D models and their optimization.


Lesson 3: Modelling The Urban Environment.

  • Our speakers will tell you how to model detailed buildings.
  • Creating a courtyard with elements.
  • Elaboration of facades.


Lesson 4: Creation Of The Landscape.

  • Landscape modelling methods.
  • Creation of various types of landscape (plain, mountains, city streets).


Lesson 5: Landscaping And Scene Management.

  • Creation of the forest, groups of trees, and lawns on any terrain.
  • Students will learn how to work with the following tools: Corona Scatter, Corona Proxy, ForestPack and Grow FX.


Lesson 6: Composition Of Exterior Scenes And Lighting.

  • Principles of composition in architectural visualization. Working with cameras and framing.
  • Students will learn how to work with internal and external light sources; day and night light.
  • Working with Corona Sky, Corona Sun and HDRI maps.


Lesson 7: Materials. Texture Layout.

  • Students learn how to set up shaders and texture surfaces.
  • Working with difficult materials.


Lesson 8: Rendering And Post-processing.

  • Our speakers will show you how to remove noise from a project, work with alpha channels and animate lighting. Preparing the render for further post-processing.
  • Basic post-processing techniques in Corona Renderer.
  • Post-processing renders in Photoshop.


Final Project.

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